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Fear Combat is a multiplayer-only free first person shooter
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Fear Combat is a multiplayer-only free version of F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) game. The reviews of this 2006 game praised its graphics and action, and not without reason. Even now, four years later, this game will give you a good thrill.

In this multiplayer game you will be playing against (and with) other players online. An Internet connection is therefore mandatory. The application will look for a server and allow you to chose your preferred one (you may even meet some friends). There are 10 multiplayer game modes, including the usual death match, team death match, capture the flag, or last man standing. And the action is always on.

There is no complex strategy or team plan in this game. This is a typical arcade shoot-them-up. Do not bother hiding or dodging enemy fire. After they spotted you, there are only two options: to kill or get killed. Only practice can help you achieve the mission goals.

There are several maps available, although you will be able to know any of them pretty quickly (say 30 to 60 minutes of playtime). If you live that long, that is. As in any of these first person shooters, the real trick is to stay alive for more than 4 or 5 minutes running. But then, of course, if you would like some quiet time, you can always work on building your own map, and get that extra leverage.

If you do not like this genre, you should not bother, as there is nothing significantly new in this title. On the other hand, if virtual warfare is your playground, FEAR Combat is in fact, a must-have. The graphics are really good, and there are lots of options to explore, such as different guns, play modes, and maps. The playability has that just-one-more-time kind of grip that keeps players in front of the screen for hours and days.

Remember, this game was rated 18+ by some organizations and you will need a (free) key code to play (available at the download site).

Fernando César
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  • Free
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  • Not significantly different from other titles in this genre
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